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Company Profile featuring an executive interview with Forney Industries in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Is shared team experience valuable? This video explores recent research findings.

Higher education is innovating with new collaborations. This video features a new accounting program in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Human Centered Design is not only impacting business customer strategy, but also teaching approaches found in traditional MBA programs.


This website was designed to promote the Meet the Founders program, process and manage event registration, and feature digital content created for the series.

This website offers 9 courses designed to train horse show judges. The site is also used to promote the programs and feature news.

This website is designed to promote the communication goals of the NoCo Human Trafficking Symposium. The site includes a complete membership system and registration processing.

This website is built to promote the new Translational Medicine Institute at Colorado State University. The includes a course catalog and event pages.



I have 20 years of technical design and digital engineering experience. I also have 8 years of PEG channel experience working with municipal government and high education to develop their PEG assets.


Studio 20 operates in the basement of Rockwell West at Colorado State University. I designed the studio to support instructional design and promotional video production workflows.

Professional Versatility

Audience Engagement - Technology Innovation - Story Driven Content

Professional digital producers add value by designing the most effective workflows given the costs and goals of a project. The key to a value-driven digital workflow is to maximize the time invested in creative tasks. Everyone deals with technical requirements and constraints, but simply relying on fixing problems in post-production will cut the value of the final product. This is true even if the problem can be corrected in post-production because of the loss of value added creative activities.

Improve the impact of your next project with a workflow optimized for creative activities.

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