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budget webinar video
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Video Call to Action

Covering the vibrance of a city in less than a week is something that can only be accomplished through drone technology. Together with a setup shot with a Sony A7 4, I was able to produce a captivating call-to-action video to promote a budget webinar.

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PSA in Three Days

Public Service Announcements are essential in keeping communities informed of potentially harmful situations. This video was produced in a single day to keep Greeley residents informed about floodwater impacts. This video was produced with a combination of a Sony A7 IV and DJI drone.

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Research Videos

Is shared team experience valuable? This video explores recent research findings. I produced this video independently with two Sony cameras for the interviews and a selection of stock content.

I worked with the lead researcher using the published article to guide the editorial focus. These videos work well as small business resources and graduate student case studies.

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Higher education is innovating with new collaborations. This video features a new accounting program in Castle Rock, Colorado. I produced this video independently with two Sony cameras. I covered the b-roll of campus activities over 2 days of live coverage.

Northern Colorado Human Trafficking Symposium

This website is designed to promote the communication goals of the NoCo Human Trafficking Symposium. The site includes a complete membership system and registration processing.

Veterinary Compendium  is a membership and online learning website. I built the website with WordPress and setup the online learning platform with LearnDash.

North American Veterinary Regenerative Medicine Association is a membership website built around registration for their annual conference. Conference attendees receive event information and the website owner maintains the option to create additional outreach.

I have over 20 years of technical design and broadcast engineering experience building media solutions for organizations of all sizes. For more than a decade I have applied my experience to support the need of  PEG channels, working with municipal governments and education channels to maximize their capabilities.

Telling a great story is something worth sharing, but most media assets get lost in the digital dungeons of local storage. I have solved this problem by deploying several digital asset management systems, video delivery platforms, and live video services that get the value out of media libraries.

Platforms and Systems
Ariel photo of Sanborn Park with the lake and surrounding neighborhood in the background
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Micro Learning Clips

Micro-learning is a fast way to transfer knowledge in the field, sometimes called ‘just-in-time learning.’ Brodcasters call these PSAs and these small clips can form the basis of larger online learning programs.

Ariel photo of the New York City skyline.
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Applied Case Studies

When you combine journalism with an on-camera subject matter expert, many learning opportunities unfold. Informational interviews offer a chance to understand complex topics and well-written published work intended for academic audiences. With b-roll and graphics, these clips become highly engaging experiences that provide the potential for wrap-around case studies.

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Multigenerational Learning

Youth are the future and all companies need a good succession plan. Why not build both at the same time while providing online training clips for the diverse multigenerational workforce?

Video Storytelling Projects