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Growing Ethics Driven Leadership

This video features graduates of the Sonny Lubbick Leadership Seminar. The seminar is designed to develop leadership skills by challenging students to lead by ethics driven principals. The video was shot in three days and produced in about two weeks. I produced the video based on the results of the interviews and shot the b-roll

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Return to Class with COVID-19

COVID-19 has elevated the need to produce timely process and protocol videos. This video was produced in three days with an introduction from the Dean of the College of Business. I adapted the script, produced in conjunction with HR, voiced the narration, shot the video, and edited everything together in post.

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Unemployed Need Not Apply

Your resume looks great. You have the right experience, skills, and degrees. But you’re still not getting any callbacks. Could it be the unemployment history you have on your resume? Are employers compelled to pass on applicants with short or long term unemployment history? Researchers at the College of Business at Colorado State University investigated

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Generational Leadership Skills

This video is an introduction to the Sonny Lubick Leadership seminar project. We shot interviews with students, alumni, and leaders to ask them about their point of view on the importance of leadership principals in business and life.

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Micro-Learning Research Features

Micro-Learning webpages offer a way to deliver complex research driven information using a highly transferable multimedia format. The video example below is just one piece of the complete presentation that includes a handful of small topic video and interactive print pieces about the study. You can see two examples of this approach in action by

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Gifts Growing a Future

This video profiles three scholarship students who are thriving thanks to the help of generous donors. Production time was less than a week from concept to delivery. All video was recorded in 4k and the story was told using a combination of a speaker event, student narration, and original production.

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Series Production Call to Action

Sales and recruiting initiatives among current customers and audiences are an essential and constant effort in any organization. This “call to action” video was produced to add another chapter to an existing video series designed to support a program curriculum. I used a combination of new interviews and b-roll together with existing content captured over

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