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Meet Egg Strategy with Christopher Wilshire

eLearning Storyteller and Developer

Welcome to my digital portfolio and blog. I create digital content experiences and membership websites that grow online audiences. I have over 20 years of professional experience using audience models and data tools to target content, refine groups and blend in-person interactions that engage communities. I also study media and delivery technologies to help organizations and teams win with sound engineering and automation.

Video Producer

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Content drives audience interactions with inspiring visuals and insights into relationships. If you need to improve engagement, boost registrations, excite customers about a product, or communicate your mission better, then you need a video producer. I can help your team think through a strategy, develop all aspects of video content and help measure the results.

Drone Pilot

Drone footage adds a powerful and entertaining point of view to any video project. I have a valid FAA Part 107 Certification and can fly under approved LANC conditions. I fly DJI aircraft including the Mavic and mini pro series.

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Web and eCommerce

I have expensive experience launching and managing membership eCommerce websites using tools like WooCommerce and CartLoom. I have helped organizations register thousands of new users and process over a million dollars in transactions.

eLearning Content

Research Stories

eLearning Storytelling combines video interviews with animation to bring cutting edge research to busy leaners. Content can be developed into case studies or used as multimedia micro learning lesson pages.


Articulate Rise and LearnDash are a cost effective pair of online tools to support any size eLearning development environments. I have over 12 years of expense in developing these platforms to meet short lessons and complete online university use cases.

Scenerio Animation

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I have experience working with video animation tools like Adobe After Effects, Articulate Storyboard and Rise. The example above is a short clip from a Adobe After Effects and Articulate Storyboard project.