Credits: Production Planning, Videography, Video Editing, Artwork

Video Producer

and Website Developer

Welcome, my name is Cale Rogers. This website is my digital portfolio and blog. I create digital content experiences and membership websites that grow online audiences. I have over 20 years of professional experience using audience models and data tools to target content, refine groups and blend in-person interactions that engage communities. I also study media and delivery technologies to help organizations and teams win.

Latest Micro-Learning

Unemployed Need Not Apply

Your resume looks great. You have the right experience, skills, and degrees. But you’re still not getting any callbacks. Could it be the unemployment history you have on your resume?

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Latest Video Project

Growing Ethics Driven Leadership

This video features graduates of the Sonny Lubbick Leadership Seminar. The seminar is designed to develop leadership skills by challenging students to lead by ethics driven principals. The video was

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Digital Made Easy

I create video stories and digital experiences that build audiences through innovative, technologies, integrated business intelligence, and human interactions.


Digital storytelling with video, photography, artwork, and instructional design.

I shoot stories with JVC and Sony DSLR/XDCAM systems. I post produce content using a ranmge of tools included with the Adobe Creative Suit along with Final Cut Pro, Motion and Motion VFX.


Landing pages, website updates, and audience management systems.

I develop projects with WordPress (including WooCommerce and Lifter LMS) and Rapidweaver (Foundations and Total CMS).


Professional help to solve any size digital challenge.

Rapid Knowledge Transfer Services specializes in instructional design and website development. They can help you build courses, design training, and monetize knowledge.

H11 Pro can help you develop promotions, community features, and any project that needs smooth drone footage.

Front Range Media is a full service digital media production team with a 500 square foot studio at Timberline and Harmony in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Audience Engagement - Technology Innovation - Story Driven Content

Professional digital producers add value by designing the most effective workflows given the costs and goals of a project. The key to a value-driven digital workflow is to maximize the time invested in creative tasks. Everyone deals with technical requirements and constraints, but simply relying on fixing problems in post-production will cut the value of the final product. This is true even if the problem can be corrected in post-production because of the loss of value added creative activities.

Improve the impact of your next project with a workflow optimized for creative activities.